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Nalata Nalata is pleased to announce Shiro and Shiro, a forthcoming exhibition of designs by renowned designer Makoto Koizumi RSVP here for the opening reception.

The words shiro (白) and shiro (素) mean “white” and “basic”. Brought together in the context of design, the concept explores complex and shifting ideas about simplicity, purity, and truth. 

To design with honesty is no easy task, for one must have the vision to discern the immaterial from the core.  

Makoto Koizumi possesses that ability to see the possibilities that lie beyond an established structure and define both what is missing and what is extraneous. With this sensitivity, he strips away all excess until only what is essential remains. His deep comprehension of how each small part exists to form the whole gives every detail equal weight in his careful hands. 

In this exhibition, we are pleased to present collections of objects designed by Koizumi-san to reveal their essence. Free from excess, the inner qualities of each piece are poignantly felt. There is a moving connection between the intrinsic nature of the material and the object’s function: organically textured cups and bowls showcase the bright properties of tin; a chair is luminous in the purity of its form; minimal white ceramic tableware captures the tranquil spirit of tea ceremony.  

The grace in these objects is arresting and universal. Without distraction, without embellishment, they are powerful reminders of all the potential that begins from discarding the superfluous to seek out the truth. 

We are thrilled to be joined by Koizumi-san himself on the evening of Friday, May 17th. Ayako Kurokawa of Burrow will be providing refreshments inspired by the show concept. Music provided by Paul Lewis.  

Explore Koizumi-san’s studio here.

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