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This exhibition is a rare opportunity to enjoy the collection of handcrafted scissors and shears by the Japanese atelier, Tajika.

The scissor trade requires skillful and ingenious artisans. One pair may take up to thirty stages in the production process, the principal of which are forging the scissors from a rod of steel of a suitable size, filing or ornamenting the shanks and bows, grinding and assembling, which includes screw-making, setting, or ensuring the scissors work evenly together, and whetting. The forging is the most difficult to learn, requiring years of practice to forge a simple pair of scissors with precision.

As a family-run company, Tajika has passed down their expertise, slowly mastering the production of specialized cutting tools for specific purposes. Daisuke Tajika has honed the rare artistry and now bears the responsibility of continuing the evolution of his family’s company as a fourth generation owner. Due to their ubiquity across cultures and professions, scissors have numerous representations across the world. Tajika’s interpretations include various scissors and shears for gardening, cooking, and sewing, to name a few. It goes without saying that the company has been left in good hands as Daisuke Tajika continues to carry forward the inventiveness that rests at the core of each pair of scissors.

On the evening of Friday, October 21st, we will be celebrating the official launch of a one-week exhibition at our gallery that will showcase the complete collection of scissors and shears by Tajika! Over 80 pairs of different handcrafted scissors and shears for specific purposes will be on display, including diagrams that depict the making process. Specialty tools and machines used in the crafting of each pair will be brought from Japan to further explain the intricate steps involved in forging and aligning the blades. Join us on this special evening as we welcome the atelier’s fourth generation owner, Daisuke Tajika, to New York City for his first international exhibition!

To coincide with the opening, we will also be introducing a collaboratively designed pair of scissors – the “Blackened Household Scissors” by Tajika x Nalata Nalata. The shape of this pair of scissors is based on the much-loved Copper and Household Scissors that we carry and use in store when we wrap gifts, but the finish is very different. We were inspired by the “Kuro-Mura” blackened brass pendants by Futagami because of the way they age over time, taking on a patina that is a very deep, saturated black. We were interested in creating a similar richness in shade and decided to work with Daisuke to produce a pair of everyday scissors that has the same principles.

Refreshments will be provided by Ayako Kurokawa of Burrow.

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