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I love a good charcuterie platter! They’re easy and quick to compose if you have the right ingredients so it’s the perfect appetizer to serve up at gatherings leaving you free to catch up with friends rather than be tied up in the kitchen. 


I keep drawings of successful boards up on our fridge so I don’t overbuy cured meats and cheeses for the next time. It’s really easy to get carried away at the deli and want to pick up a 100 grams of everything, but I find that the best platters revolve around only a few key ingredients.


My favourite place to grab ingredients is a nearby grocery store, Greene Grape Provisions. They have the freshest local produce and an amazing cheese and cured meats counter!


Salami, prosciutto, pâtés, sausage, confit, and so much more to choose from…


Not to mention an amazing cheese selection of over more than a 100 types from all around the world.


The platter above that I made yesterday has three types of cured meats. Top right is Creminelli Calabrese which has a spicy bite. Bottom right is Schaller & Weber Landjager german sausage, tried it for the first time and it’s great! It’s a pork and beef sausage with a hint of sweetness that is reminiscent of beef jerky. To the left of that is La Quercia Prosciutto Rossa.

As for the cheeses, I added a goat cheese, which is delicious with honey drizzled on top and a couple of Marcona almonds. The round one is a soft Saint Marcellin cow milk cheese. It’s great as is but if you want to make it extra tasty, put a few tablespoons of pesto on top, place in the oven until the edges sizzle (about 5 minutes) and its ready to go. Pairs nice with salt water crackers or lightly toasted baguettes, which I find is a nice bread base for any charcuterie assortment.

All ingredients are from Greene Grape.

The Charcuterie board by OnOurTable can be found here.

So much fun to make, so much fun to eat!