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Cutlery creates an intimate connection between the user and utensil. The purpose of the utensil is to function as an extension of the hand, to deliver food from the plate to the mouth, on occasion as precious components of a tablescape during a special gathering, but often times as necessity for daily meals.

By its very nature, Mitsuhiro Konishi’s handmade cutlery collection is intimate. One artist, a single maker, creates an object with a clear purpose – precious in size, rich in texture, overwhelming in its delicate relationships of scale and proportion. His materials of choice, steel and brass, are elementary substances and his techniques are age-old, fundamental ways of shaping metal by one’s very own hands. Through laboriously hand hammering, forging, heating and bending, Konishi creates functional, yet aesthetically pleasing flatware.

In the works for this exhibition, Konishi developed pieces that draw from tradition, celebrating classic utensil types, while synthesizing his background as a sculptor to inspire new forms for dinner sets and serving tools. Ultimately, the goal in producing these works is to make strikingly familiar and immaculately executed implements that are precious and personal objects intended for everyday use.

We are pleased to be showcasing Mitsuhiro Konishi’s metal cutlery collection during this solo exhibition, entitled Table Elements. Mitsuhiro Konishi and his wife, Kimiko will be traveling from Japan to attend the opening reception. His complete collection of flatware and serveware will be on display including his acclaimed mixed metal series, characterized by their hand hammered textures. A new line of serving utensils and a forged metal series of cutlery will also be on display showcasing some of Konishi’s newest designs. We will also be releasing new series of collaboratively designed metal turners exclusively for Nalata Nalata during the event.

Many of Konishi’s designs and skills as a metal craftsmen stems from his artwork. We’ve asked Konishi to bring a small selection of his metal wall hangings and metal wire sculptures to Nalata Nalata to illustrate the inspiration behind his works. We’re honored to be able to highlight this connection between his artworks and designs.

Friday, June 16th marks the opening reception! Enjoy an evening of shopping, sake from the Gifu Prefecture (Konishi’s hometown) and mochi by Mochi Rin. Opening remarks by Mitsuhiro Konishi will commence at 7:30pm. The works will be on view through June 22nd and available for purchase at this time. New works will be made available online after the opening reception alongside our current Mitsuhiro Konishi collection.

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