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Aesthetically charming and ultimately functional, the collections by Momoko and Tetsuya Otani showcase the possibilities of the ceramic medium. Our exhibition of works by this master potter couple are distinct from one another, yet influenced by each other through the studio and home that they share in the historic pottery city of Shigaraki, Japan. Since they farm, cook and eat meals as one family unit, their work and personal lifestyles are connected, in turn informing the utility of their respective collections.

Tetsuyaʼs porcelain wares are relatable in size, beautiful in shape and remarkable in their refined feel. He uses a wheel throwing technique to create numerous pieces from ornament vases to tableware. They feature unique matte glazes, a defining characteristic.

On the other hand, Momokoʼs iron-rich clay pieces are textured with layers of colors and motifs born from her love of lotus flowers. She hand forms, hand paints and utilizes a special sgraffito technique whereby surface designs are etched onto thin layers of slip.

We are proud to present the love in which each handmade piece holds at its core and welcome you to vicariously experience life at the OTANIʼs for this special event. On Friday, August 18, the Otani couple including their three daughters will be present at the Opening Reception of this exhibition, in which refreshments and specialty Shigaraki sake (brought by the Otanis from Japan) will be served. On August 20, there will be a pour-over drip Coffee Demonstration by Tetsuya Otani from 1-2PM.

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