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Nalata Nalata is pleased to present Shaping the Void, an exhibition of works by Masanobu Ando, one of the foremost contemporary Japanese artisans working in ceramics. RSVP here.

This exhibition celebrates Masanobu Ando, and his admirable career as a ceramic artisan and Tea Master. His works are crafted with high skill yet are intentionally asymmetrical and irregular, showcasing the marks of their maker.

Masanobu Ando’s works are predominantly slab-built, using sheets of clay that are molded together to form a variety of shapes – a technique called tatara that was handed down from previous generations in Tajimi, one of the many renown pottery cities of Japan. Born in Tajimi, the artisan naturally embraced this technique as it enabled expression of his underlying concept of Zen culture, which is centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

For the curation of this exhibition, attention has been paid to the processes that went into forming the ceramic vessels from which the artisan’s philosophies derive. A focus on teaware is presented alongside a one-of-a-kind Masanobu Ando x Nalata Nalata collaboration piece that will be unveiled on opening night.

The opening reception takes place on May 18th , with a special tea ceremony demonstration by Masanobu Ando. Refreshments provided by Mochi Rin. Music provided by Paul Lewis.

A preview of the collection can be found here, accompanying a guest Journal entry written by Masanobu Ando about the exhibition concept.

View a recap of the event here.