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Interview with Corry Flader

Caught unexpectedly during a rainstorm on Granville Island in Vancouver, we duck into into a small shop with the most cheerful staff and colorful umbrellas. The atmosphere inside is in direct contrast to the gloomy mood outside its doors. We purchased a beautiful yellow cotton umbrella that day and after three years of use, it remains one of our staples to brave the weather in New York.

The Umbrella Shop brand attributes its beginnings to the hard work and dedication of Isadore Flader, the grandfather of the current owner Corry Flader.

“My Grandfather, a Jewish immigrant from Poland, moved with his family to Toronto around 1910. He grew up there, met and married Ida, and fixed umbrellas door to door to make a living,” explains Corry. “One day he met a train porter who told him of the rainforest surrounding Vancouver and that was that. He packed up his wife and four small children and left for promise of rain in Vancouver.”

For nearly a century, the brand has remained focused on developing customer relationships. Each cotton umbrella is crafted with such love and care, so as to exude that personal touch. The Umbrella Shop is also one of the few companies that still offer guarantees and free repairs on all their products. We chat with Corry and visit their two-floor studio in Vancouver to get the inside scoop on how they became such a mainstay in the rainiest city in Canada.