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Mindful, Human, Storytelling

We are proud that Nalata Nalata stands amongst the preeminent contemporary craft and design galleries of the world. Although our collections are curated with adherence to the finest quality and craftsmanship, the focus of our gallery is on the people we are fortunate to work with, for, and beside. This approach perpetually brings us back to our passion for handmade items and the people involved in making them.

We believe deeply that the power of relationships and the art of storytelling can compound to create real human connections. As a result, we spend as much time as possible with the artisans and designers that we represent and to whom we want to be united long term. Over time, these experiences have helped us connect consumers to makers and invoke greater meaning to the products that surround our everyday lives. Nurturing these relationships reminds us that at the core of every enriching idea or object, there is one thing in common… a human being.

Nalata Nalata is the name of our brand. Its namesake is derived from the nicknames of my sisters, and we were fortunate to later learn it also means “for years and years” in Polish. My wife, Angélique, and I are the founders. Originally from Canada, we both moved to New York to study design. Over a decade later, this great city and its people still have a unique vibration that pulls us to stay. We started this venture sharing the works of creators we admired along with a few of our designs and continue to do so in the pursuit of improving our vision with time.

– Stevenson

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