Reclaimed Blue

Raw Materials Reborn

Cha and Ryoka

The Temporal Art of Tea Drinking


Masanobu Ando Gold Chawan

Gold Chawans

An Exhibition of Tea Bowls by Masanobu Ando

Starter Chair

An Exhibition of Children's Chairs


Forty Years of Wood Crafts by Ryuji Mitani
  • Artist(s) Ryuji Mitani
  • Exhibition Dates October 15-29, 2021

A Deeper Dark

Part One: An Exhibition of Lacquered Wood Tableware
  • Artist(s) Ryuji Mitani
  • Exhibition Dates October 18-27, 2019

Shiro and Shiro

An Exhibition of Designs by Makoto Koizumi

Forging Shadows

Handcrafted Metal Works by Studio Tint

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