Crafts, and Then

An Exhibition of Art and Wood Tableware by Ryuji Mitani

September 29 - October 14, 2023

Image of a wood bowl by Ryuji Mitani carved and lacquered to appear very rustic

Please note: The Opening Reception has been postponed until Saturday, September 30 1-7pm due to the current state of emergency in New York. Ryuji Mitani will be in attendance.

Nalata Nalata is pleased to present Crafts, and Then, our fourth exhibition of works by Ryuji Mitani. This exhibition will take place at our temporary annex gallery located at 24 2nd Ave, NY, New York.

We are excited to highlight a wide range of the artisan’s works, including wooden tableware, and his rarely seen artworks such as paintings, stencils, and sculptures that further uncover his philosophies. The items in this exhibition span across his career from emergence to recent explorations, and captures Ryuji Mitani’s journey across materials and methods.

Poster of the Ryuji Mitani Crafts, and Then Exhibition held at Nalata Nalata featuring artwork of a circular wire cage with three red wood nubs in the middle

In the past few decades, Mitani-san has innovated at the front line of the Seikatsu Kogei movement and played a monumental role in its evolution. Through this collection, we invite you to catch a glimpse of not only how the artisan has continuously led the growth of a genre, but also how his interpretation of the craft has changed to manifest into his current practice. In his words, “tableware and art may look different but they come from the same root.”

This curated collection of Mitani-san’s works across his prolific career provides an immersive experience that exemplifies his thoughtful approach to both his craft and life at large. The exhibition is accompanied by a concept book filled with passages penned by and photos captured by Mitani-san himself. You may follow along with the works and learn about their background through the reflections in his book that we will also publish as an online article available in English and Japanese. Signed copies of the Japanese book will be available in limited quantities.

We will be joined by Ryuji Mitani himself who will travel to North America for the first time since the pandemic. It is a true honor to have him in attendance and we hope you will join us as we welcome him back after a period of much change.

An Opening Reception will be held on Friday, September 29 from 5:00 – 8:00PM. Ryuji Mitani in attendance. Refreshments provided by Ayako Kurokawa of Burrow. Drinks by Soto Sake. RSVP here.

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