Crafts, and Then | Exhibition Opening Remarks

Ryuji Mitani sitting in a chair in his studio

On the occasion of the exhibition Crafts, and Then at Nalata Nalata –

I have been creating vessels for use, so that they do not make too much of a statement. Half for serving food and half for the people who gather at the table to enjoy a pleasant time.

When people want to focus on their thoughts, they don’t want to be disturbed, so they are tempted to lock themselves in a room by themselves. But when you are hungry and want to eat a meal, it is more enjoyable to be with someone than alone.

Making tableware is about creating something tangible, but I want to remember that beyond the form, there are people who use them and places where they are used. In this way, I want my work to be a part of the daily life of human beings, who cannot exist alone.

This time, in addition to showcasing my tableware, there is a parallel exhibition titled Crafts, and Then. With the cooperation of Nalata Nalata, we tracked the “afterlife” my pieces have when they leave my hands, and also created an exhibit with anecdotes of their usage in homes and restaurants.

The vessels are not only objects, but they also tell new stories that expand through their connections with people. We hope you enjoy the experience brought on by these pieces.

Shelves at Ryuji Mitani's studio that hold various wood art and tableware

Translation and images courtesy of Aya Nihei

Written by Ryuji Mitani

Ryuji Mitani

September 28, 2023

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