Exhibit of the Tonton Rocking Chair by Makoto Koizumi and Miyazaki Chair Factory

May 21 - 31, 2023

Tonton Rocking Chair by Makoto Koizumi and Miyazaki Chair Factory front view

Nalata Nalata is pleased to present Tonton, an exhibit of a rocking chair designed by renowned industrial designer Makoto Koizumi. Sparked by a conversation we had with Koizumi-san, the Tonton Rocking Chair is the result of a unique, collaborative design process and a thoughtful meditation on the piece’s purpose. 

Exhibition Poster for the tonton rocking chair designed by Makoto Koizumi and Miyazaki Chair Factory

The Tonton Chair is a rocking chair specially designed with the needs of new parents—like us—in mind. During our last exhibition with Koizumi-san, we had mentioned that we were aiming to have children in the future and would like a well designed rocking chair to help lull a baby to sleep. Deciding to take up this challenge, Koizumi-san approached Miyazaki Chair Factory to design and manufacture a rocking chair that is comfortable for both baby and parent. Through an intensive workshopping and prototyping process that is unique to these close collaborators, the Tonton Rocking Chair was developed with quality and comfort ensured at every stage. 

Drawing from the term “ton ton,” which means to pat a child’s head to sleep, the Tonton Rocking Chair’s larger frame and wide, gentle curve creates a warm and relaxing space that soothes a baby’s cries and lulls parents into much needed rest. The chair can be made of a variety of wood and textiles. In honor of this exhibition at Nalata Nalata, Koizumi-san and Miyazaki Chair Factory present the Tonton Rocking Chair in white oak and white leather to best suit our color palette and our home. 

Please join us on May 21st for the unveiling of the Tonton Rocking Chair. Makoto Koizumi will be in attendance.

Delve into the history of the renowned designer here.

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Tonton Rocking Chair
Tonton Rocking Chair

Tonton Rocking Chair

Makoto Koizumi for Miyazaki Chair Factory

I am a Tonton Rocking Chair. Rock-a-bye baby, I'm made from tree tops. When the world feels tiring and overwhelming, I'll keep parent and child safe and cozy from the shock.  

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