Shiro and Shiro

An Exhibition of Designs by Makoto Koizumi

Artist(s): Makoto Koizumi

Exhibition Dates: May 17-26, 2019

Opening Reception: May 17th, 2019 7:30pm

Where: Nalata Nalata, 2 Extra Place, New York, NY 10003


Nalata Nalata is pleased to announce Shiro and Shiro, a forthcoming exhibition of designs by renowned designer Makoto Koizumi RSVP here for the opening reception.

Koizumi-san’s works are known for their diversity in material and function, but in this exhibition, we aim to unify them under the design philosophy of  and , pronounced here as shiro and shiro. 

At the root, (shiro) means “white” and (shiro) means “basic”. But brought to life in the context of languageshiro and shiro signify complex and shifting ideas of purity, simplicity, and truth. 

Shiro and Shiro will exhibit a selection of Makoto Koizumi’s works curated to feature objects designed and crafted in pure, unadorned form. We are thrilled to be joined by Koizumi-san himself on the evening of Friday, May 17th

Stay tuned for more information on Shiro and Shiro, and in the meantime, explore Koizumi-san’s studio here.