Explorations on Mount Takao | A Day Trip from Tokyo

We often get asked about lesser known activities to do in Japan. The list is never-ending, but we thought this trip to an unusual museum, Takao 599 Museum, in the purlieus of Mount Takao made a wonderful day trip out of the bustle of Tokyo. Take the train from Shinjuku Station, and within an hour, you’ll arrive at the foot of the lushly wooded mountain.

Mount Takao, or Takaosan in Japanese, doesn’t stand particularly high at 599 meters, but the mountain is rich in natural beauty. There’s plenty to see and do, including a Buddhist Temple and numerous hiking trails to the top. We suggest taking the funicular as an exciting way to experience the scenery.

Near the funicular station at the top, there is an observation deck with an expansive view over the dense sprawl of Tokyo. From this perspective, the metropolis feels like another world, mysterious and seemingly infinite.

After you’ve taken in your fill of the view, make your way on foot back down the mountain to discover all of the flora and fauna that make Takaosan their home. There are different trails you can take on the descent, but each one has its own surprises. You might walk among ancient cedars with textured, sculptural trunks, be greeted by over 70 species of birds flitting through the branches above you, or cross paths with a formidable dōsojin wearing an offering of a bright red knitted hat. These shrines or statues are scattered upon the mountain to guard against evil spirits.

At the base of the mountain, the exploration continues at Takao 599 Museum. This museum showcases the natural environment of Mount Takao with its incredible diversity of plant and animal life. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained, but the exhibitions are also strikingly beautiful.

In the main exhibition hall, plant and insect specimens float in crystalline cubes of acrylic resin, preserved to astonishing detail. You can spend hours carefully examining each specimen, admiring the spectrum of color, texture and shape. Some of the displays reminded us of our favorite artisans—the preserved wildflowers made us think of 1012 Terra’s pieces, and the encased pine cones brought to mind the whimsical Sola Dandelion Cubes.

The exhibition halls also include information on Mount Takao’s birds and mammals, ecosystem, history, and cultural significance. The museum houses a charming café and an open park space perfect for relaxing after your hike.

A trip to Mount Takao is sure to be filled with adventure and discovery. And at the day’s end, there’s something wonderfully peaceful about sitting on the train, watching as the setting sun paints the clouds and the sky slowly darkens on your way back to Tokyo, where the adventure continues and continues.

Written by The Team

April 25, 2019

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