Hidden Details | Norio Tanno Tea Case

Whenever we get the rare delivery of wooden objects from Norio Tanno, we remember exactly why we go through great lengths to procure the finest handcrafted items we can get our hands on. We take stock on the pieces and then spend a good amount of time staring at the mesmerizing details. Each piece is simply perfect. The joinery techniques, beautifully executed on a small scale like that of a business card case, are impressive with their high degree of intricacy. Opening and closing the works, as mundane as it sounds, offers immense satisfaction!

Although we try to describe products in detail, sometimes it’s hard to convey when a piece has multiple layers and requires interaction to discover individual components. The tea cases are full of these kinds of hidden details. To get the full effect you’ll need to see them in person but here are some close up shots and a quick video of the sophisticated woodworking techniques found in the rosewood tea case.

Each tea case is made by hand by Norio Tanno. They feature an inner hexagonal container, gentle beveled edges, multiple wood species, inlaying, matching grains, dovetail joinery, a foldable scoop and finely carved surfaces. All this is made entirely of wood. The best part is how the inner container where loose leaf tea is stored, is crafted to smoothly descend into the outer case without force. It feels almost mechanical as you watch it glide to a final resting position but it’s nothing more than gravity! The only way to really describe the precision is through this 3 second video of pure magic.

The collection is made of a variety of uncommon wood types in limited editions.

View the full collection here.


Written by Stevenson Aung

Stevenson Aung

January 16, 2019

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