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The Tohoku-based art collective ‘three,’ are the first invitees to the Japan Society’s Summer Artist Residency Program and have spent the past month in NYC creating works for their exhibition titled ‘three is the magic number 7.’ The three artists comprising the studio have assembled 555 works made from 555 anime and comic figurines. With the goal of reducing each character to its “basic elements,” the plastic figurines are attentively catalogued, dismembered and melted into rectilinear towers. Many of the toys can be distinguished right away, whereas others require you to scan a QR code on your smartphone. As I was walking through the exhibit, it was particularly interesting to try and identify some of my favorite childhood characters. 

If you’re interested in seeing the exhibition, the installation is currently on display at the Japan Society on 333 East 47th Street till October 13. 2013.

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