Conte | From Factory to Home

With more time spent at home we’ve begun to truly appreciate the preparation tools that perform well in the kitchen with no fuss. Makanai by Conte, the multi-use series of stainless steel bowls, strainers and lids, is an example of this – a testament to outstanding small scale production that functions through a network of designers, researchers and specialists from the region of Tsubame, devoted to crafting the best.

When we travel to Japan, visiting studios and learning about manufacturing processes is one of the joys of our job and makes the products we use at home appreciably more enjoyable. We wanted to share these two videos produced by Conte that highlight this feeling of witnessing a product go from factory to home with success. It’s no wonder the collection has won so many design awards over the years.

You can find the full Makanai series in a variety of sizes here.

Written by Angélique Chmielewski

Angélique Chmielewski

May 07, 2020

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