Father’s Day Gift Guide by ‘Convos With My 2 Year Old’


Have you seen the latest viral videos aptly named Convos With My 2 Year Old? They are hilarious! These videos have become quite an internet sensation over the past few weeks, being featured on CNN, CBC, The Today Show and countless lifestyle blogs. What’s so amazing is that they are produced by and star my childhood friend, Matt Clarke, originally from Calgary. In these videos he re-enacts actual conversations he has with his 2 year-old daughter Coco, with an adult male actor. The result… an outrageous commentary many parents can relate to with their own kids. 

The latest episode is shown below but you can follow his YouTube channel to see more.

As a proud dad of two kids – Coco and Shepherd, we thought he would be an ideal parent to help us put together a Father’s day gift guide. We asked Matt to look through our products and give our readers an idea of what he would want for Father’s day. I’ve always loved his sense of humor and candor so its my pleasure to share his top choices with all of you. 

Here are his picks and why:



Thanks Matt, send my best wishes to Leila and your beautiful family. Looking forward to future episodes.

Written by Stevenson Aung

Stevenson Aung

June 13, 2013

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