Joining Forces with Armando Rafael Moutela


Some of you have been wondering who takes the beautiful photographs on Nalata Nalata, so we wanted to introduce him to you. Meet our very good friend Armando Rafael Moutela.

We’ve known Armando for quite some time now. He has taken photographs for Angélique and I for the past few years, and he still manages to impress us with every photoshoot. What we love most about his works is his unique ability to capture the perfect natural lighting situation and showcase it in the most sensitive manner through his own perspective.

Armando-02 Armando-05
I’ve posted some of his recent works, and some of my new personal favorites. They were shot with the help of stylist Nidia Cueva, and demonstrate what I believe is a new evolution in his photography. I love the darker palette and dramatic styling for its ability to hint at a greater story behind the picture. 

Armando-07 Armando-04

To see more from this series and Armando’s other works, check out his site here.

Written by Stevenson Aung

Stevenson Aung

April 15, 2013

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