Joining Forces with Jacob and Ari


Meet Jacob and Ari, the talented couple building our custom made cabinets and shelves for our new Manhattan storefront! We’ve briefly mentioned them in our Journal recently but wanted to show everyone a sneak peek of all the incredible work they have been doing for the buildout. 

I first met Jacob at the wood-shop when I was completing my masters at Pratt. He is a magician with wood and one of the few woodworkers I trust implicitly. In the past Jacob had helped me construct a few glass and wood side tables I designed and a few years down the road, we’re working together again, although the scope of this project is much larger. To help with it all is his girlfriend Ari, also a maker at heart, an industrial designer and a superb wood finisher!


Angy and I took a drive to Staten Island a couple weekends ago to visit their wood-shop, which was converted from a cool building erected in 1911. When the garage door lifts to reveal a glimpse of our display tables, we are completely elated! The details are just as we imagined and the two different finishes of white oak looked even better in person than in our sketches. We can’t wait to reveal the final products. The cabinets will be transported and installed at 2 Extra Place this week, a few finishing touches will be added and we’ll be open soon after!


Thank you again to Jacob and Ari for being such a huge part of our first storefront!

Written by Stevenson Aung

Stevenson Aung

December 03, 2014

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