See You Online!


As we come upon our final days at our pop-up location, we just wanted to thank everyone that came out to visit us in the East Village. The past 6 weeks was truly a pleasure! Setting up shop at this particular location always had a degree of sentiment for us, as our first NYC apartment was around the corner on 2nd Ave. We moved to Fort Greene in Brooklyn over 5 years ago. It was difficult for us to leave the neighborhood at that time, and even harder now.


As we prepare to pack up and enter back into cyber space, we also wanted to thank our online clients and followers from around the world. Nalata Nalata started as an online shop and without your ongoing support, this pop-up shop would not be possible. As homage to your invisible presence, we collaborated with our good friend and interactive designer, Hilal Koyuncu, to create a sign for our storefront this past month. With special assistance from programmer Igal Nassima, the sign was coded through an arduino board and essentially turns on whenever anyone is browsing on the site (www.nalatanalata.com) in real time. The inspiration for it came from the “on air” signs commonly seen at radio stations, but we had our sign custom made to read “online.” The best aspect of our pop-up has been the opportunity to meet our clients in person, and this sign was a step towards interacting with our digital clients in a physical sense too.  


Wishing everyone happy holidays and a wonderful New Year! 

Written by Stevenson Aung

Stevenson Aung

December 23, 2013

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