It’s all in the Details | Part I

Often what separates a good product from a great product is in the details. Before I began studying design, I never really noticed these distinguishing characteristics in items that separated one from another. I used to rely on brand awareness to dictate my purchasing choices. Now, as an industrial designer, I’m much more sensitive to these details and how it influences the end user – aesthetically, functionally and sometimes even emotionally. I’ve used my macro lens to illustrate some of the smallest details in our product offerings that make a big significance in our curatorial choices.


Left: Kake Chohou Broom – Beautifully woven natural broomcorn held together with organic threads and rattan

Right: Benjamin Denim Apron – Top stitching (just like on jeans) and the smart use of the selvage from Japanese denim as trim for the font pocket


Left: French Rolling Pins (coming very soon) – Hollow circular brass inserts sit flush with a curved exterior surface and allows for the pins to be hung

Right: Tajika Gardening Shears (coming very soon) – The tips overlap slightly to create a beautiful double point, a nod to traditional Japanese gardening scissors. The forged metal is also left speckled to showcase the craftsman hand in production. 


Left: Balancing Block – The wood grain from the offcuts are seen through the white paint allowing it to keep its traditional feel to a classic children’s game 

Right: Futagami Chopstick Rests – The elegant lines produced when all four rests come together in their bass wood box


Left: Siwa Briefcase – A zipper sewn onto paper is a difficult task indeed! Unlike with fabric, when you punch a hole in paper you can’t take out that stitch because the hole will show, so precision is the key in construction. 

Right: Snow Clock (coming very soon) – The white numbers are displayed only on the glass face creating beautiful shadows and the essence of snow. 

Written by Stevenson Aung

Stevenson Aung

June 25, 2013

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