Sharpening the Future of Tajika: The Hands behind the Scissors

Interview with Daisuke Tajika

When I first held a pair of Tajika scissors, I knew they embodied the level of artistry and craft I looked for in all our curated products. The hammered texture, the raw finish and the elegant curves of the forged steel were all aspects that left me in awe of their work. I’ve always seen pictures of their iconic shears, but only in person could I really appreciate some of the more subtle details that made Tajika such a trusted brand.

This discovery came near the end of my buying trip in Japan, so my relationship with the Tajika family originated with a series of poorly translated emails that were labeled urgent. Naturally, every message I sent went unanswered. I decided it was best to seek the family out personally while I was still in the country and the opportunity still presented itself. Arriving at Ono in the late afternoon, I had many difficulties navigating the small town and even resorted to ringing doorbells asking for help. With a simple façade and a sliding glass door entrance to a warehouse building (not to mention no signage!), I would finally arrive unannounced to the headquarters of the Tajika factory. So began my first encounter with Daisuke and the start of bringing the beautiful Tajika scissors to Brooklyn.

The interview was conducted in English and Japanese. Both languages are published so as to not lose anything in the translation for native readers.




Written by Stevenson Aung

Stevenson Aung

August 12, 2013

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