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Conversation with Geoffrey Lilge

My first encounter with Geoffrey Lilge was about 7 years ago in a woodshop on the campus of the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada). I remember distinctly that he was carefully crafting a maple wood frame that would eventually take the form of a lounge chair. I was still an undergraduate student at that time and Geoff was completing a Master’s degree in industrial design. Years later, I would meet him once again and it was only fitting that it would be in yet another woodshop.

The OnOurTable studio is located about 30km Northwest of where I spent most of my childhood in Edmonton. Founded by Geoff and his wife, Cindy, the studio is essentially a collaboration between a designer and a chef, committed towards creating original and generational products for the kitchen. My sister was the first to alert me of the burgeoning studio when she gave me a handcrafted ‘Hole Slab Long’ cutting board as a birthday gift. I instantly loved the proportions, the beautiful circular handle and the concept of a product melding design, food and craft together. I was also really pleased to know that a designer from my hometown was making a splash within international design circles. The diverse collection of kitchen accessories offered by OnOurTable are the result of years of restaurant testing and their experiences with food, creating staples for sharing, cooking and dining. We look forward to launching new product offerings from their studio. Please enjoy our conversation with Geoff.